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The Revolution Against Regurgitated Copywriting

You hire copywriters and content marketers to make your business stand out. You don't hire us to look like everyone else. 

Template/script regurgitation forces you to blend in. You ARE your competition. Potential clients stop reading. They're bored. You are paying for boring. You are paying to look like your competition. Seems like "kind of a dumb-ass thing to do" as Red Forman on "That 70's Show" used to say.

I will make you stand out like a red wine stain on white carpet.  

Templates and scripts don't do that. It's time to revolt. It's time for the Revolution Against Regurgitated Copywriting.

Serving you with integrity, providing copy derived from hours of research. The challenge of building your business... drives me. The challenge of researching and writing great copy... drives me.

Writing copy that emulates your competition's copy does NOT drive me.  Mediocrity does NOT drive me.

My approach is one of Avatar Immersion, developed by Lee Rowley. It's a human approach. How so? I don't view clients as a paycheck with wingtips (or flip flops or Adidas's). To serve you, I take the time to know you and know your business. I happen to be particular like that.

That's how I work, and why you will want to be my client... this time, the next time... and the time after that.

Be a part of the Revolution against Regurgitation in marketing. Fight marketing that makes you gag.

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