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  • JD Adams

"You Say You Wanna Revolution... well well..."

Nope. I am not, and never could be, John Lennon or Paul McCartney. One of the few things I have never written is music. I have enough trouble just playing music on my new Les Paul guitar. God knows you don't want to hear me sing. And while I am a very outspoken person when it comes to politics, any revolution I am involved in will not be political. Though the possibility remains I could run for an office one day. There is a revolution I'm not only involved in, but I'm leading it with a few other luminaries in copywriting. The Revolution Against Regurgitated Copywriting. #RegurgitatedCopyRevolution I honestly believe this will be more successful than the #umbrellarevolution (below). lol

So as you read this, realize that you're witnessing the very beginning of a revolution in this country. You're witnessing history in the making. If you are contemplating hiring a copywriter, chances are incredibly high that anyone you hire (other than myself) is going to push that big red button on their desk that says "EZ". How this works. They turn on their laptop, place some words in their fill-in-the-blank software they just bought for $797 (seriously) and then wait for your "copy" or "content" to get spewed out like a hairball from a sick cat's mouth.

Welcome to marketing today. This now passes for copywriting for many. Fortunately (for me) ... they all think this is absolutely awesome. I think it's many things, from hilarious to a waste of money and to lazy and lacking in ethics. Their thinking follows the logic of "no more research, no more writing, no more thinking... hell, no more having to work for a living"! Incredible! Fill in the blanks, print, and give me a check. I had a guy recently ask if I was "as fast as "his guys", that they could have his content written in an hour or two, always same day. I laughed. I also said no. And I wished him good luck. This is my competition. Am I lucky or what?

I first became interested in marketing when I started my first business in 1978. Basic stuff. Non-conforming to what others were doing. But it worked. By the time I got to starting up my retail business in 1992, I went back to college to take marketing courses specific to retail. I started a lead generation business in 2006, but the economy was about to turn as sour as a lemon. My business followed suit. Fast forward a few years to 2016 and I began to reconsider a marketing career. By 2018 I discovered that there was way too much techie stuff for me to try to learn and become good at. I also discovered there were more people making money on the internet selling ways to make money in marketing "just like them" than there were marketers. Why? Because so many are looking for a quick and easy buck.

Thus, the move to templates, copied scripts, swipe files... the easy way to work. Copy someone else. I started taking legit courses and reading books on copywriting. I will soon be Certified by AWAI. Earlier this year I was invited to apprentice under a very experienced copywriter who's been successful for well over 10 years. He taught me a couple things: 1) "loosen my buttons" ... I wrote too much as I did in a legal setting and academia. 2) Research the client and their business and KNOW them. 3) Short sentences, short paragraphs and NO TEMPLATES, NO SCRIPTS ... no copying, no modeling, no software doing your job. And so... The Revolution has begun. The Revolution Against Regurgitated Copywriting. Welcome aboard. Now lets get to work. #RegurgitatedCopyRevolution #RegurgitatedRebellion PS. Honestly, if you're going to hire a copywriter to write content for your business, what's your choice? Original, written content or "fill-in-the-blank" copy? Let's chat about my #RegurgitatedCopyRevolution.